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The founder and Managing Director. Its life mission is to help people realize their potential, and to mobilize it to build life that reflects their true aspirations. On the strength of this life mission, he trained as a self-taught in different approaches to coaching and andragogy mainly in personal development and leadership. He has accumulated 09 years in coaching and training entrepreneurs, business executives. For the past 03 years, he has mainly worked on developing coaching tools specific to the needs of young rural and migrant people who have little or no formal education. He graduated from the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC) in human rights and humanitarian action.
Hawa ZoeFinancial and Administrative Manager
Ms. Financial Education. Her life mission is to help people improve and optimize their financial well-being. She is a CGAP / World Bank of Financial Education and Adult Education certified trainer and has 08 years of experience in this field. She graduated from the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon (IRIC) in Marketing and International Trade.
Dr. Ndome Moukossi Consultant
psychotherapist, she is the youngest forensic psychologist in Cameroon. It is particularly present when it comes to trauma, self-confidence problems, self-esteem or chronic difficulties related in particular to speaking in public.
Cédric Stéphane ChamgouéConsultant
Specialist in entrepreneurship, trainer in financial education, he takes care not only of individual training but especially of the accompaniment of local development organizations such as NGOs, youth associations, GIC, etc.
Jessy NguemaCo-founder
Business development specialist with +15 years of experience working in multinationals such as MTN, Creolink, etc. She is passionate about promoting know-how made in Cameroon and advocates in particular for more engagement of women and girls in entrepreneurship.
Fabrice BouetouWeb developer
Web development specialist, he brings all our ideas to life digitally.