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M&M Consulting

We are a company specialized in Coaching and Training in Personal Development, Leadership and Financial Education. We coach and train so that each person can: find themselves, learn to inspire others and optimize their income in order to achieve the life that corresponds to their true aspirations.

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We will reflect on this information and give it to you as and when this weekend but I think you can already start with what is above. In addition, the current background image is beautiful but it does not correspond to what we do. Rather, look for images that refer to training, a coaching session, a group of people, that sort of thing.

CEO of M&M Consulting


Jordan Medical service in Yaoundé
  • Impregnation coaching in financial education for the staff of the Jordan Médical Service. Yaoundé, Cameroon.
  • Key-note motivational speech inspired by the film “Facing The Giants” to the staff of the Jordan Medical Service in Yaoundé, on the occasion of International Labor Day.
Afterworks and Workshops
  • Work session with individuals following a theme and a specific profile
PEA – Jeunes
  • Training of trainers on leadership in the incubation structures of young agro-pastoral entrepreneurs in Cameroon
Nos Retraite stratégique
  • Retraite stratégique de croissance et finances personnelles « se reconnecter à ses rêves ».

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